Inspection and sorting work

  • Input and output control units
  • Classification of components
  • Measuring components
  • Repair and finishing
  • Simple installation


JipoCar Logistics Centre, 112 km highway, Střítež near Jihlava

  • Modern, easily accessible operating and storage facilities
  • Satisfies the 5S
  • Simple logistics flow of material
  • Advanced technical equipment (microscopes, magnifying glass - 6x magnification, moss. gauges, etc.)

All services can also offer the customer according to individual requirements.


  • Training of skilled workers
  • Experience in the automotive, engineering and electrical industries


  • Contact person for communication between the supplier and customer
  • An experienced worker in the field of quality
  • Processing of documentation of the progress of work according to customer's needs
  • Communication in German and English

Support for the quality assurance option according to individual customer requirements.